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Begin with the end in mind

Productivity coaches begin their work with new clients by encouraging them to begin with the end in mind. The end, we believe, dictates the steps you need to take along the way in order to achieve the goals you set. Therefore, in order to chart the course you need to begin with the end in mind. Those seeking to live their lives in a purposeful way for God would do well in doing the same. Unfortunately, many of us have no idea what God would have us to do with our lives. Oh, we know full well that God has created us fearfully and wonderfully. Yet, day after day, we fret over what it is, He actually created us to do. Bookshelves are filled with books to help us discover our purpose. There are blog posts, seminars, and workshops designed to facilitate the process. Yet, still we struggle.

But, I believe, knowing what to do is not so hard when you know what you have been given. What gifts and talents has God given to you? What things do you do well? What motivates you to get up each day? These things provide a piece of the puzzle in discovering God’s specific purpose for you. They are indicators of what steps you need to take. It is the doing of these things that opens the door to recognizing the purpose for which God has for you.

The life of the believer in Christ is a journey; a journey of fulfilling God’s purpose. The journey for each of us is different. Nevertheless, each begins with one step followed by the next. Each step we take following the leadings of the Holy Spirit is a step in the right direction. When you live your life in this way, day to day, ultimately it will lead you to the place God will have you to be, doing the things, He created you to do, the person He destined you to be.
Where will your journey take you? Only God really knows for sure. Commit to spend each day, focused on what is right in front of you, then realizing your purpose won’t be so daunting. What step has been laid out for you today?